Years ago I made the decision to start my own association. At the time it wasn't the easiest decision as I had a steady teaching position (in addition to my own gym) and I knew it was a gamble. After giving it some thought I took the leap. Even if it turned out to be a financial disaster I knew that through my association I could affect the lives of people in a positive way. That to me, is better than anything money can buy. In addition to seminars, which kept me busy almost every weekend, I also decided to launch, in order to reach an even broader audience. Teaching and helping others was my calling.

This morning I woke up and saw on instagram an amazing berimbolo in MMA. I immediately reposted it. Shortly after, the young man who was featured in the video, Lee Hammond, messaged me to tell me thank you. I said no problem, great job, I liked the video. He said no, thank you for helping me with the technique. Years early I had done a seminar at an Academy and he traveled with his friend a considerable distance to attend. The more he talked the more I started to remember who he was! At the seminar I covered Lapel Guards and Berimbolo and he was one of the few people in attendance that played that type of game. Through out the seminar and after I helped him clean it up and work on the details. It was humbling to know that some one I taught years ago would remember me let alone what I taught. More importantly it was amazing that I played a small part in his journey.

People often use the word destiny to describe their life, I stopped and thought this morning, is it my destiny to be a teacher? I don't know but I couldn't imagine any other thing I'd rather do. Good luck Lee in all you do and keep in touch. If any one is looking to sponsor this young man please contact him though facebook! HERE  He is a great guy with an amazing future.



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