In this video we cover a drill to get to the sit up guard or seated guard position. The faster and more comfortable you get doing the drill the more success you will have when trying to play sit up guard.

Before you can execute the sweep, you must be able to control the position.

We drill for a lot of reasons in Jiu Jitsu. To work on proper movement, to work on proper positioning, to improve our timing, to work through possible situations and the list goes on. In this drill always focus on using proper movement to get to the proper position. The more you drill the more natural it will become.

This is a basic sweep form the sit up guard. This sweep isn't the highest percentage, but it does sets up a lot of other sweeps depending on your opponents reaction.

Once you start to play sit up guard more and/or you start to train with people who are a higher level, you'll find a lot of people don't like being swept! When I go for the first sweep we learned my opponent counters by posturing up, making the sweep impossible. I will use his posture to pull myself up and then finish with a single leg take down.

Jiu Jitsu is dynamic, use your opponents reaction against them.

In this technique your opponents strength, not your strength is what makes coming up possible. Remember getting up is awesome, but you have to know how to finish the single leg. Make sure you drill that part as well to complete the sweep!

This time my opponent recognizes even sooner what is going to happen. He does not let me secure his arm so I can not secure the position. I use all my strength to get the position, if I do great, I progress with the previous series. If I don't I use his strength against him and I use his pulling motion to stand up and finish with the single leg.

Before you do any counter, remember whether it's this technique or any technique make sure you really try the first technique and force your opponent to counter correctly.

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