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    Nick Gilyov

    Hi, Caio!

    Will there be some open guard retention lesson plans? Concept on what the good “unpassable” guard is, work without grips, open guard as a position, etc. in the future?

    Thank you for all your work! Big inspire for me! OSS!

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    Caio Terra

    Hi Nick, if you have any specific questions on a guard retention from an specific pass I can definitely help you. There is no impassable guard though. In my opinion, more important than learning how to recover your guard is to learn how to control your opponent in your guard.
    Feel free to send me video questions through our live chat, I usually respond within 24 hours.

    Thanks a lot for the kind words and look forward on hearing back from you.


    Hi Caio
    Would be good if you can create a section on CaioTerra that covers ‘concepts’.
    For example there are a lot of concepts around guard retention or guard passing.

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