ibjjf rule ; torque on knee

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    Kenta Iwamoto

    Since 2012, ibjjf banned putting torque on knee from the outside from delariva underhook guard. Caio stated that, unless you have both hands together you’re fine. However, I came across an ibjjf video https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=jPsAKF5YQCs. At 1:00, it’s explained that, even if you don’t have your hands together, any kind of ouside hook putting inward pressure on the knee is banned!! Ibjjf should definitly eliminate, or at least change this rule.
    I especially wan’t to hear Caio’s views on this.

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     Caio Terra 

    The referees won’t disqualify unless you are holding something, like your legs, hands, etc.

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