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    Dear Caio
    I think ibjjf rules banning reaping is messed up. What do you think? and can you do anything about it Caio? Furthermore, the Honey hole position(my leg going across opponents leg with his leg straight) is legal right? I’ve seen some cases where athletes got dq’ed for doing it here in Japan. I’ve never seen anyone do it on Worlds so there are no precedents to decide whether it’s legal.

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    Caio Terra

    Hi, sorry for the late reply. For a quicker reply please message me on the live chat.
    I believe at the black belt level it should be all legal for nogi. Unfortunately there is nothing I can do at this time, I have tried multiple times before.
    You are only allow to cross your leg from outside to inside if you aren’t applying pressure on your opponents knee – so they see that as if your opponent is standing you can’t cross it but if your opponents is down you can as the weight isn’t in that leg.

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