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    Paweł Murias

    It’s a super strong position for me with a ton of good attacks from there (do you have good ways to get there)?
    Also it would be great to have a lesson on details of controlling the half with the knee shields (saw a glimpse of a private lesson you have on flow and it seemed awesome).
    (I use classic pummel/arm drags/get there from single legs/re-pummel using the twist sweep)

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    Caio Terra

    Hi Pawel, there are multiple lessons on both of these themes. I will add some more eventually =) if you have any specific question let me know. You can also use the chat to talk to me and get a faster response. OSS!


    Paweł Murias

    Thank you, I always watch all the half guard vidoes, the locked knee shield helps a lot against keeping distance against even super fat black belts. If you have more options than just doing the regular pummeling for the underhook or setups that would be awesome as against good passer it can be harder when they exactly know what to expect.

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