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    i am trying to cancel my subscription to this site but i can find anywhere to do this. ive tried calling and emailing…no response. does someone know how to cancel subscriptions?

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    Hey Jason, I’ll take care of it for you. In the futur shoot an email to if you want to cancel or if there’s anything online you want to see.

    Thanks again for subscribing!

     Alan Fernandes 

    @admin I want to cancel my subscription, but I can’t find how anywhere. Could you please do that for me?


    Hi Nick

    You guys should consider including a payment option for 30 day access, or 60 day access.

     shane moyo 

    @admin will you please end my subscription, I have emailed a few times with no response.

     aryo farhang 

    I have sent a mail to nick aswell, but my subscription is still not canceled?
    Why dont you have a function for that?


    I want to cancel my subscription also.
    Is there any possibility to do that by ourself? is more easy to anybody
    Thank you

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